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Our success is YOUR success


Our goal is to make your property an object of real interest to as many buyers as possible. We select them for you, making the negotiation an upside game, not a downside game as usual

it is customary to do in real estate. The agreed price can only be increased, never be reduced. This explains why, for us, every sale is a success. Ours, YOURS.


Attract, plan, verify

Enhancing the value of your property

Attracting attention is a prerequisite for closing a sale. Presenting your property at its best is the first step, and we assure you that in our hands your property will shine, as it deserves.

Amplified visibility

Our plan-marketing is high-performing and measurable, strictly tailor-made. Virtual tours, drone videos, renderings, etc. are used and adapted to optimize results in every context your property is located.

Truthfulness of the potential buyer

An attractive buyer is anyone with concrete liquidity requirements. Our consultants verify before the start of the negotiation the real purchasing capacity of each buyer to avoid unforeseen events that would complicate the successful completion of the transaction.

Home Check-up

What does it consist of?

This is a pre-qualification of your property. You will receive a phone call from me in which I will ask you many questions about the house you want to sell, the area in which it is located, the square footage, etc. Not only that, I will also ask you about your motivations for selling and about the time frame within which you would like to achieve your goal. This will help me to understand if your house falls within the target real estate I deal with and if I have the requirements to achieve the sale with the highest chance of success.


Our services

Free market

Selling a home on Lake Garda?

AltoLago will help you achieve your goal. We put at your disposal professionals with proven experience for legal advice, building, cadastral or energy certification practices, web marketing plans to help you realize your buying and selling with maximum security.