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Caratteristiche immobile

Sale Time 56 Days
Sale Price 235.000€
in good condition, recently renovated

Second floor apartment

History assignment:

I contacted the owner directly upon seeing a contractor who was doing some work in a condominium. He did not want to give any assignment. When I sold the apartment in example #1 I showed him the preliminary and the check and asked him if he wanted to be next or should I sell someone else’s apartment. He gave me a 6-month assignment at € 235,000 and we sold it at full price.

Reason for sale

Apartment he had for 20 years, as an investment, negative experiences with rentals, had to renovate the apartment due to a series of damages that the last tenants had left him and decided to sell it


65 years old, small local craftsman (metal carpentry), affluent but not rich.


56 days


Veterinarian from Brescia city as second home algo, 55 years old.

Classe energetica: F D.M. 25/06/2015