Renovated Rustic





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Caratteristiche immobile

Year of construction 1910
Renovation 2018
Zone Toscolano Maderno
Lake view

Renovated Rustic

It was originally a typical rustic cottage nestled in a lemon grove in an area that was once outside the village and is now incorporated into the town. Of the rustic cottage it retains the distribution of rooms, the careful search for every ray of sunlight that illuminates every room, and a wonderful view toward a breathtaking panorama. The house is accessed through a double entrance, one pedestrian, the other from the garage, which, in this area of the historic center, is invaluable.

One walks down a small driveway in the middle of the garden and comes to another small garden that is more private and adjacent to the house. From here you enter the living room where we find a beautiful stube that will make the room more comfortable on winter days and with a window from which to enjoy a beautiful view of the lake. The eat-in kitchen has a large panoramic French window that opens onto the beautiful terrace. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a third smaller courtesy bathroom. Finally, impressive is a large room that could be a fourth bedroom or even an independent mini-apartment, featuring exposed beams and the stone finishes of the original building.

The most beautiful features of this villa are many: the obvious ones like the magnificent panorama and view of the lake, the great brightness of the rooms, the parquet floors, the above-average finishes, the garden where you can grow your own plants and flowers. Then there are things that you don’t sell but understand by living there every day: the pleasure of living in rooms full of light, the garden that makes you want to stretch out and never leave, the silence that surrounds you despite being a stone’s throw from downtown, a house where you won’t have to do anything because it’s perfect. Ideal for those who do not see themselves in the usual condominium apartment but are looking for something independent, with personality, with the large terrace and the panoramic garden.

Classe energetica: E D.M. 25/06/2015