Behind the sale of a house are people and life plans.

They must be protected at all costs

Tiziano Tommasini

Skills, Character, Experience

Founder and owner of ALTOLAGO Real Estate Agency in Gardone Riviera. Trained at the U.S. Mike Ferry school (the most important mentor in existence in the industry). He has taken courses on real estate investment at AB Training Group, negotiation and leadership at Performance Strategies, NPL’s management at Astasy Group as well as numerous seminars organized by FIAIP with which the agency is associated. In addition, he is Tutor Coach in the training and professional development of real estate agents.

Our goal?

Realizing your sales dream.

Over the years I have met hundreds of families. Every time I walked through a door it was a world that was revealed and helped me understand more and more the importance of what I was doing. I learned to listen to people and realized that my work is not about walls and bricks, but about hopes, goals, desires, uncertainties, anxieties and fears.


The smile of those who have chosen VenderecasaPro©

By now selling my apartment had become an obsession. I tried privately for six months, gave assignment to a well-known franchise, then, failing to sell I relied on several agencies, to no avail. Some friends recommended ALTOLAGO to me, and so we met and they proposed their sales system. I could hardly believe it. After about three months I received 3 offers and simply had to choose the best one. Now I can happily enjoy my new cottage with my family.

Laura Avanzi - Manerba del Garda

We sold our apartment in Gardone Riviera thanks to the truly commendable work of Tiziano Tommasini and his staff. We tried to sell privately but to no avail. We thought it was not a good time because of Covid and restrictions but when we entrusted the apartment to Tiziano, thanks to the virtual open house and a few targeted visits we sold almost without realizing it. What to say. Congratulations, we are your fans.

Claudio Terzi and Marianna Luciani - Gardone Riviera

For the sale of my three-room apartment in Toscolano Maderno, I relied on two very reputable agencies in the area. After the beauty of two years the house was still unsold and I was beginning to get discouraged. A neighbor recommended ALTOLAGO and its staff headed by Tiziano Tommasini. A twenty-minute meeting, a serious market analysis, a recommended price that I realized 100% in less than three months. Truly amazed at the quality of the work done.

Paolo Apollonio - Brescia

I attempted the sale of my apartment in Salo privately and with various agencies for over a year, to no avail! Titian identified the right market price for my three-room apartment, valued it, and I sold it for exactly the recommended price. Very satisfied!

Riccardo Leali - Gavardo

I sold my parents’ three-room apartment in Salo with ALTOLAGO. I tried for almost two years, first on my own and then with a reputable brand agency: no results. Tiziano Tommasini immediately inspired me with great confidence when he told me about active marketing, which I did not know about and which made the house sell in two months and at a higher price than the assignment. Professional and effective. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Davide Penna - Milano